Trays for storing and displaying the things you need at hand. Perfect for keys, coins and mail in the hallway, or pens and paper on your desk. The wood gives a down-to-earth feeling, and is spiced up with fresh colours. The brass makes a shiny contrast adding a bit of glamour into your life. Brass changes over time, and you can either let that happen or treat the material to get the shiny surface back.  

Siv Lier

Siv’s approach to design is hands-on and intuitive, and her style is playful and simple. Wood, cork and recycled materials recur in her work, as well as play with colours and contrasts. Her projects often have a social dimension encouraging interaction, as evidenced in some of her previous work; in Odel, a family of chairs, the backrest is easily dismounted and changed to create new versions of the chair. In the lamp Total Eclipse, pushing the moon in front of the sun dims the light. In the bedside table No Worries, you can put your worries away and get a good night’s sleep.