Scandia Sr Vipp

The Scandia chair was designed by Hans Brattrud in 1960 and is revolutionary in both shape and expression. By using horizontal ribs, Brattrud strung up a two-dimensional laminated shape and made it three-dimensional. The construction was ingenious at the time and provided the basis for a unique and timeless design. Hans Brattrud was awarded a gold medal from the Bavarian State Government for Scandia Jr. in 1967 at Deutsche Handwerkmesse.Today the Scandia chair range consists of a stackable chair, a lounge chair and an easy chair.


With the ambition to manage, develop and reconnect to Scandinavian design heritage, architect Paul Lunder founded Fjordfiesta in 2001. Fjordfiesta’s first mission was to reintroduce the timeless Scandia range of chairs. Designed by Hans Brattrud in the 1950s, the chairs had, since the mid-‘70s, only been available through vintage dealers. They were slightly trimmed by the designer and put back into production between 2001 and 2010. With strong ties to the aesthetics of Scandinavian Design and 21st-century ethics and environmental issues, Fjordfiesta’s intention is to create furniture that will last for generations to come.