Queer Meets Function I and II, Object Frequency I and II

Elieson presents a series of objects that discuss a recurring theme in her oeuvre: transboundary. She explores the objects’ potential to transcend the framework of our field of vision. Her works can be said to be mix-tapes of the environment they are created in, inspired by everyday objects such as kitchen utensils, abstract sculpture, toys and non-functional design objects. Elieson believes that we always look for something recognisable in an object or in a piece of art. The artist does so when creating the piece – and the viewer when he or she stands in front of the finished work, looking for clues or latent narratives. 

Ingeborg Elieson

Ingeborg Elieson graduated with MA of Visual Arts from Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2011, after she had trained as a goldsmith. She speaks of her objects as hybrids. They are manufactured with the precision of high quality craftsmanship and at the same time communicate a distinct aesthetic reflection.