Plateau tray series

Plateau tray series are overlapping each other in different levels of height creating a connection between the elements presented. The top surface of the trays is held up by facetted structures that are visually reaching over the edges. The idea is a result of a situation Bjørn experienced in his flat in Oslo; during a dinner with friends his small dining table forced them to put the serving trays on top of each other, creating a landscape of trays in the centre of the table. He experienced that the way the trays overlapped created an intimate zone in the centre of the table and a good atmosphere in the room.

Bjørn van den Berg

Bjørn van den Berg graduated from Oslo and Akershus University College in 2014 with a master’s degree in product design. He focuses on creating everyday pieces that generate strong feelings of presence and attachment through tactility, while maintaining a sleek minimalist appearence.