Multi Meander I - IV

The works in this exhibition consists of a series of reliefs of coloured panels. The colours on the panels and the background colours interact through reflection and optical mixing. The same structure makes up the foundation for all four reliefs. The colours on the panels are all the same, and the background colours in each relief are complementary colours. Colours are a key element in the works, creating changing experiences in interaction with the environment and the spectator. The perception of the work changes through the spectator’s movement, and the reliefs can be assembled in many different ways. The reliefs are unique works. 

Edith Lundebrekke

Edith Lundebrekke was educated at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Norway at the Faculty of Textiles. She specialises in pattern making and repetition, using various materials and techniques. Simple and immediate forms make up the foundation onto which she can build more complex levels, giving the viewer a unique experience. Lundebrekke has had several solo exhibitions in Norway, and has participated in many group exhibitions both at home and overseas. Several of Norway’s leading art institutions have purchased her work. Lundebrekke has been awarded a number of major commissions, including hospitals, schools, Embassies and Government Representational Facilities.