Lolly is a stackable stool inspired by the wood handle on a popsicle. The stool is made in solid oak, and combines traditional craft and joinery techniques with a contemporary look, which gives the stool characteristic details. The flat seat also makes the stool useful as a side table.

The stool comes in three parts, and is easily mounted by the end-user by four screws. Lolly is a stackable companion for use at home as well as in public environments.

Gridy consists of two designers based in Oslo, Norway, specialised within furniture, product, and spatial design. They strive to create simple and honest products that are user friendly and have a Nordic feel. Gridy combines a rational approach with aesthetic and humour in order to make designs with personality and character. If you wonder about the name Gridy – it is a combination of the designers’ surnames; Grieg and Dybdal.