The Else vase by Kristine Five Melvær has a graphic motif draped around the vase neck like a bold piece of jewellery. The motif both emphasizes and challenges the shape of the object. The vase explores subtle colour differences and the contrast between glossy and matt surfaces. Its surface is achieved by using two related hues of colour. The upper part of the object shows the glossy top colour, while the lower part is sandblasted to reveal the bottom layer of colour. 


Magnor Glassworks was established in 1896 in a forested area at Magnor, near the border between Norway and Sweden. The large forests supplied fuel for the glass-melting furnaces. While operations on the Swedish side of the border have ceased, Magnor Glassworks is still in operation and produces tableware, vases and other art objects in glass. The company has manufactured glassware designed by Norwegian fashion designer Per Spook and Norwegian painter and artist Vebjørn Sand. It is currently collaborating with contemporary designers such as Kristine Melvær Five, Kristine Bjaaland, Øyvind Wyller and Andreas Engesvik.