About Norwegian Presence

Overshadowed by its neighbouring countries for decades, the light has finally come to rest upon Norway and its wealth of creativity and innovation. The three groups have come together to showcase the best of what Norwegian handcraft and design – both past and present – have to offer. Featuring 51 different products from 39 designers and artisans and 8 local manufacturers, the exhibition, set in a rough factory space in Ventura Lambrate, is a looking glass into an exciting corner of the world. 

Norwegian Presence was the result of the collaboration between Klubben (Norwegian Designers Union), Norwegian Crafts and Norwegian Icons. Set against the colours of paint manufacturer Jotun, the internationally acclaimed stylists Kråkvik&D’Orazio have played with each of the exhibited products in a landscape not unlike the country itself: Walls, like the mountains and valleys that separate this vast country’s population, divide the space yet invite visitors to take a tour of the land. 

Key collaborators:

Role Name/Link
Project mgmt. Hege Henriksen
Editor Cecilie MolværJørgensen
Exhibition design Kråkvik&D’Orazio
Photography Siren Lauvdal & Kaja Bruskeland
Graphic design Bielke&Yang
Website Værsågod